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As a leader, teacher, and healer, I am forever committed to inspiring, educating, and connecting individuals to holistic resources for healing and personal growth. I draw on my vast knowledge and experience across the fields of psychology and counseling, addiction recovery, physical health and wellness, energy healing, spirituality, alternative medicine, and a lot more. The common thread among my endeavors is my passionate dedication to empowering others to continually expand their awareness and realize their own authentic power.

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Mary's Projects

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Resonating Wellness

In my holistic coaching practice, Resonating Wellness LLC, I have successfully facilitated physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and transformation with my clients over the years. Drawing from my abundance of holistic knowledge, wisdom and tools, I have coached individuals presenting with a wide variety health challenges and goals who seek out my unique, compassionate and supportive approach.

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Health in Recovery

Health in Recovery

I am the sole founder and creator of Health in Recovery which serves as a source of information intended to specifically support the addiction recovery communities. On the Health in Recovery website I present ideas and research related to the fields of health and addiction recovery, and share holistic resources that may enhance physical, mental and spiritual health in recovery.

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Mary's Services


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

As an accredited and certified Advanced EFT practitioner, I will guide you with caring, skilled, and experience-based intuition as we gently tap on specific meridian points while focusing on and discussing a presenting physical symptom, emotional discomfort, psychological trauma, mental block, or limiting belief. Let’s reset your flow of energy, allowing your nervous system to relax, trauma to transform, stuck emotions and beliefs to shift, and achieve lasting healing benefits and confidence.
For more information about EFT, please see my article explaining “Emotional Freedom Technique” on Health in Recovery.

Integrative Holistic Coaching

We will work together to help you achieve your desired physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Drawing from well over fifteen years of diverse counseling and coaching experience, holistic knowledge, intuitive wisdom, and experience with an array of natural therapies, I will help you find what resonates with you so you can enjoy progressing to the next level of awareness and well-being. Among my many specialties are anxiety and stress, grief and loss, addiction recovery, and life transitions.

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